Frequently Asked Questions


Basinger Life Enhancement Support Services

About Us

B.L.E.S.S. LLC was established in 2014 by Robert M. Basinger.  The company was created to touch the lives of others by helping them achieve their goals and dreams. We are available to provide services in all 88 counties in Ohio. We currently are providing services to over 120 individuals in Champaign, Hardin, Logan, Marion, Miami, Shelby and Union Counties collectively. We employ over 100 caring staff members to implement our philosophies of relationship building and empowerment while helping individuals grow in their independence. We are a drug free workplace testing pre-employment, random, post-accident and reasonable suspicion. Prior to starting B.L.E.S.S. LLC, “Bobby” worked for several privately ran agencies in his 15 years of experience. Serving the DD population has been his family’s life work with over 75 years of experience all told. His family taught him that all people are equal and should be treated as such.

What certifications do your direct care staff workers hold?

All staff are certified in Oral and Topical Medication Administration, First-Aid/CPR, CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention), MUI/UI Certification and we offer G-Tube, Oxygen and Insulin certification as well.  We will have a Physical Therapist assist with evaluating and training of adaptive equipment and transferring when needed. We will also train staff with adaptive equipment from the medical supply company. We also train in Human Rights, Confidentiality, Understanding of Developmental Disabilities, Standard Precautions, Effective Communication, Offering Choices, Safe Driving and more. 

How do you decide which staff person is best for you?

We don’t! We listen to the individual and/or their support team for likes and dislikes and hire staff based off the criteria. We then introduce them to you and you tell us whether or not they would be a good fit.

Do you have back up staff available to fill in if scheduled staff are a no show or need to leave early from their shift?

Yes, all homes have multiple staff available and trained for those specific individuals if the regularly scheduled staff are unable to fill the request. These staff are people the individuals are familiar and comfortable with and if they don’t fill in regularly they are scheduled periodically to maintain that relationship.